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Some of the domestic headgaskets now on sale:
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Most 4 cylinder cars: $445.00*
Most 6 cylinder cars: $695.00*
Most 8 cylinder cars: $795.00*
GM Quad-Fours: $750.00*
Ford 5.4L & 4.6L: $1,600.00*
Cadillac Northstar 4.6L: $1,800.00**

*Includes labor (to remove and replace headgasket set) & gasket set (usually consisting of head, valve cover, intake, & exhaust gaskets). Add tax & $35 fluid charge.
**Does not include short block, or machine operations. Call for specifics.
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On the left is a rebuilt cylinder head for a 2.0L SOHC Neon. On the right is the headgasket in place on the block.This is a burnt headgasket from a 2004 Aveo 1.6L.This is the lower half of a 1.6L Aveo after removing the headgasket. The green & brown fluids are coolant & rusty water that has gotten into the cylinders.A rebuilt Aveo 1.6L cylinder head. This will be installed on top of the lower half of the engine, with a new headgasket in between.
4 Cylinder Headgasket Gallery
Two rebuilt 2.7L Honda cylinder heads. They will be installed with new headgaskets on the lower half of engine.A V6 engine has three cylinders on each side. This pictures shows the lower half, three cylinders on each side. The headgaskets go on top of the lower half, with the cylinder heads on top.Close view of one cylinder head on the left. On the right is the lower half of engine before headgasket & head installed.On the right are two 3.8L Monte Carlo cylinder heads. On the left is the V6 engine's lower half.
V6 Cylinder Headgasket Gallery
A pair of V8 5.7L Tahoe cylinder heads.Close up of one 5.7L cylinder head.Another V8 cylinder head, this time valve side up. The springs and studs for the lifters can easily be seen.
V8 Cylinder Headgasket Gallery
Quad 4 Cylinder Headgasket Gallery
This is a 97 Grand Am with a 2.4 DOHC engine, known as a Quad Four motor. The surface you can see is installed on top of the lower half of the engine with the headgasket in between.  Each of the four small circles are valves, two exhaust & two intake, that open & close into the combustion chamber. Close view of the lower half of the engine, the "short block". You can see the four combustion chambers and the four piston heads at their base.The cylinder head installed on the lower half of the engine.
Gaskets Gone Bad
2003 Taurus V6 3.0L OHV. Badly overheated, this engine sustained damage to the cylinder head & gasket. Each of the three larger circles represent the tops of the combustion chambers. The smaller two circles in each are the valves. You can see the damge done to the valve in the middle cylinder. Lower half of 3.0L OHV Taurus. Rust colored water is good evidence of an engine run without proper coolant. Evidence of heater core and water pump leaking for some time. This overheats any engine, every time.1997 Cavalier 2.2L cylinder head after removal. The owner brought the car in just as the overheating began, and prevented further damage. You can see the top most valves have been getting wet from coolant crossing thru the headgasket.The 97 2.2L Cavalier head after machine operations, ready to be reinstalled. Machine operations clean, straighten, or rebuild cylinder heads; depending on the damage. Cylinder heads just off the short block, before machine operations.Cylinder heads after machine operation.
Mixing antifreeze and oil.
The milkshake like mess you can see here is the result of a blown headgasket. Coolant and oil are mixing in this V8 engine. This view is with the cyilnder heads still on.This is the same V8 engine after the cylinder heads are removed, and the mixing oil & coolant have been removed.Here is a 3.4L V6 with oiil and coolant mixing, shown on  the inside of the valve covers.Here is the oil filter sitting in the oil and coolant mixture being drained from the engine.